Hilarious! Right in the testies!

Daniel Ricciardo has to be one of the most likeable guys in Formula 1 and he proved it again at the 2019 British Grand Prix this past weekend.

The Renault driver is known for his banter and playful personality and is he always in the midst of a prank or a witty comment. But this past weekend he upped his game and gave McLaren-Renault driver, Carlos Sainz Jr., a backhand right between the legs. Yup, square in the testicals!

Sainz, deep involved with an interview, never saw the Australian prankster huddling by and can Ricciardo’s yellow cap be seen at the bottom of the screen. And then FLICK!

Ricciardo releases a swift but violent flick of the hand, throwing the Spaniard off his game.

Oh, it was beautiful! Aah, boys and their banter.