Honda CRF450R leaps into SA

The Honda CRF450R has been the moto-crosser to beat since its introduction in 2002. It has become a byword for balance and agility, and as such has always offered its rider – whether amateur enthusiast or pro-racer – total control and the chance to get the very best from their ability, plus the durability and longevity that Honda has long been famed for.

And of course the CRF450R has constantly evolved, with every upgrade, large or small, drawing on lessons fed back from Honda’s moto-cross racing programmes throughout the world. For 17YM revolution replaced evolution. Under a total redesign headlined ‘ABSOLUTE HOLESHOT!” Europe’s favourite open-class moto-crosser was effectively a brand-new machine, wielding a major power boost from a brand-new engine, plus increased grip and drive from a completely redesigned chassis.

It looked different from the CRF450Rs that had gone before, felt different and delivered a whole new experience on track. In 18YM the addition of standard-fit electric start (an option for 17YM) completed the package.

But the relentless demands of moto-cross competition mean that, year by year, even the best bikes have to get better, and for 19YM, the CRF450R is getting a straight shot of HRC works technology with major upgrades that make it faster still.