New plug-in hybrid for Merc’s GLE

The considerably longer range of the GLE 350 de 4MATIC compared with other plug-in hybrids points the way to an even more rewarding e-driving experience, says Mercedes-Benz. 

A special rear-end design and a modified rear axle create space for the large battery. There is no step in the luggage compartment, the capacity of which is still generous at up to 1915 litres. The proportion of electric driving is not only increased by the long range, but also by rapid recharging en route. 

To this end, the SUV has a combined charging socket for alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) charging. It is located on the left side wall, symmetrical with the fuel flap on the right side of the vehicle. At corresponding DC charging stations, the battery can be charged in approx. 20 minutes (10-80% state of charge (SoC)) or in approx. 30 minutes (10-100% SoC).

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1800Nm of torque!

As the largest member of the EQ Power family, the GLE 350 de 4MATIC benefits in particular from cutting-edge technology. This also includes the high potential made possible by recuperation at all four wheels, with a maximum recuperation torque of 1800Nm. 

In this mode, most driving situations can be controlled merely by accelerator action. Also, as a plug-in hybrid, the GLE has an unrestricted towing capacity of up to 3500kg. Trailer Manoeuvring Assist makes maneuvering with a trailer easy even for the inexperienced. It controls the steering angle of the towing vehicle automatically.

Key data:

  • Electric operating range: 106km (NEDC)
  • Electric output: 100kW
  • System output: 235kW
  • System torque: 700Nm
  • Top speed: Up to 160km/h (electric) / 210km/h (overall)
  • Acceleration: 0-100km/h in 6.8 seconds
Car Choice,gle,mercedes-benz,merc,mercedes,mercedes-benz gle 350 de 4matic,
Image: NewsPress