Peugeot invests in the South African consumer

Peugeot South Africa is forging ahead in a time of endless possibilities and change that promises to have a positive impact on the brand and customers’ experience.

In its endeavour to offer Peugeot Customers complete peace of mind, PCSA is introducing a lifelong Pledge to its customers. A Pledge which promises not only peace of mind, but the opportunity of becoming an everlasting member of the Peugeot Pride.

As of the 1st September 2019, “Peugeot Pride” will be offered across the entire Peugeot passenger car range.

Our Pledge covers:

  1. Five-year / 100 000km: Warranty & Service plan across the range;
  2. Peace of Mind: Courtesy Car, Peugeot Parts Basket, Complimentary Vehicle Health Check;
  3. Customer Experience: A personalised service you can enjoy;
  4. Safety: Six airbags across the range, Microdot, dedicated Apps connected to the car, and Safety Film and Tracking solutions (optional);
  5. 360º Service: Licence Renewal Reminder, Roadside Assistance, My Peugeot App.
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Image: MotorPress

Peace of mind

Xavier Gobille, Managing Director of PCSA, said: “We are moving forward in creating a new and exciting future, one that produces great opportunities for our customers.”

Peugeot Pride not only offers our customers greater peace of mind but is also indisputable proof of Peugeot’s confidence in our product and dealer network.”

The focus at PCSA is on improving every aspect of the business. The benefits of the five-year/100 000km warranty will allow Peugeot new car owners to plan their motoring budget accurately with no hidden costs to worry about during the plan period.

The benefits also extend to ensuring that every Peugeot vehicle is professionally maintained, using only Peugeot original parts which will enhance the ownership experience through product and service excellence and, also boost resale value.

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Image: MotorPress

Committing to Peugeot Pride

Gobille adds: “By becoming a member of the Peugeot Pride, you can expect unparalleled levels of quality, customer service reliability and accountability. The five-year/100 000km warranty and our pledge to our customers represents a solid commitment by Peugeot to the South African market and its customers and will ensure that we will significantly increase our position in the South African Market place.”

Everyone at PCSA and its Dealer network is onboard and ready to do whatever it takes to commit to Peugeot Pride and take the brand to unrivalled new heights.

Parts distribution from PCSA’s dedicated warehouse is improving dramatically and with an almost revitalised product range spanning from a soon to be introduced entry level vehicle to the top of the range seven-seater and supported by a rapidly expanding and highly motivated dealer network the future of Peugeot South Africa is looking exceedingly optimistic.

Peugeot will launch its new 108 and 5008 models in South Africa later this month. Car Choice will be in attendance.