REVIEW: Gran Turismo Sport on PS4

Gran Turismo has long been part of Playstation’s gaming console series, providing gamers with a real-life racing experience.

The game, as well as technology in general, has advanced a great deal since the 90’s when the first game was released. Each game is an improvement over the last one and Sport showcases the true epitome of competitive racing.

Strictly online

So first things first, the entire game is online-based and requires an internet connection to take part in online races and campaign modes. If that is not a problem for you, get ready for racing like never before.

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Whereas passing various license tests used to be a requirement to take part in certain race events previously, in GT Sport it is merely a contributor towards the game’s overall completion. Needless to say, it is very easy to achieve a gold rating in each event.

Once you purchase your first car, you have the option of taking part in either Time Trial, Campaign, Sport and Arcade modes. There is also a Lewis Hamilton Time Trial Challenge that can be purchased from the Playstation Store. Campaign mode is where you will be spending most your time and follows the same blueprint as previous games by allowing players to participate in races that meet specific criteria.

Immersive experience

Your driver level goes up with each race completed and go high enough and you’ll unlock the next selection of races. Whereas cars used to be performance tuned by spending money, here you use mileage points that is awarded after each win. Another cool feature is the ‘distance driven’ reward. After you complete a set kilometre amount, a gift car is awarded to you.

As far as gameplay mechanics are concerned, the guys at Polyphony Digital have outdone themselves. From how a car behaves in the rev range to the sound the tyres make when tackling a chicane have vastly improved. You can even toggle things like the track map and fuel usage during the race.

The cars themselves are exquisitely designed and for the first time in the series, Porsche no longer uses the name RUF. It is its own brand. Sport mode sees you go up against races across the world and monitored by the FIA as well. In this mode it is all about racing clean, where you obtain driving points for how well you race against online opponents.

A small downside to the game is that there is no real urgency for progression. You often end up racing only to meet the distance criteria to obtain a gift car. There are no special gifts for completing a race event like in previous games.

Many will compare GT Sport to Forza on XBox One and with good reason because both games are brilliantly made. With that said, they are racing games that operate from an entirely different blueprint. Gran Turismo Sport proves that you don’t need to change a game’s philosophy to become great.