The lockdown is good for one thing atleast..

The ongoing lockdown is causing havoc across the country as many businesses take a crippling hit in finances – some have even been forced to close its doors permanently.

It is not the best state of affairs at present but in order to further curb the spread of the coronavirus, it is a necessary measure. Job cuts, profit losses and an unstable economy are further repercussions that the country faces on a daily basis.

There is a bright side

On the bright side though, if there is any, the roads have seen a massive decrease in traffic and accidents due to most vehicles remaining parked during the month of April.

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During the Easter period alone there has been 70% less movement on the roads. Many people are just travelling short distances to and from shops or to get any other essentials.

Image: Motorpress

While the lockdown brings with it plenty of inactivity, it gives many people the opportunity to save money due to the fact that not all retail outlets are open for business just yet. This is something of a blessing in disguise if you’re saving towards buying a car or want to finish building one.

The greener, the better

We might not feel any difference in the air quality but the less carbon emissions from cars gives the environment a bit of respite and a slight improvement in the air we breathe.

According to National Geographic, the temporary experience of cleaner air brought about by widespread shutdowns may offer lessons for the kind of world we want to build after the pandemic. Countries like India and China in particular have seen massive reductions in air pollution.

In the not too distant future, there will be no worries about harmful exhaust emissions because electric cars will soon become the norm. But until then, the aim is to minimise the damage to that invisible layer in the air.