There’s just no way an all-electric Nissan GT-R will work right now

If there’s one car that will always go down in motoring folklore, it’s the Nissan Skyline GT-R.

From ‘Kenmeri to ‘Hakosuka’ and ‘Godzilla’, it has gone by catchy nicknames over the years. It doesn’t use the Skyline nametag anymore but it is still one of the most fearsome performance cars out there. Ask Jeremy Clarkson when he tweaked his neck in one.

An electric? Hell no!

Everyone can sit round a table and come to an agreement that the GT-R is a fine machine but, with that said, could its performance heritage be under threat in the future?

Image: Nissan

The serious threat in this case is the age of electric vehicles. All manufacturers are moving in that direction in a bid to create zero-emission yet faster cars. According to the head honchos at Nissan, they’ve already admitted that the GT-R, will at some point, become full electric. Say what?

Ford has already converted its iconic Mustang to not only an electric car but to an SUV as well. Make of that what you will but it looks very much like the ‘big dogs’ are getting picked off one by one to join the electric revolution.

Mixed feelings

GT-R’s are not only known for making big power but they are accompanied by cacophony of noise as well. An electric GT-R might be faster but imagine listening to it’s performance in utter silence. The throaty growl of an RB26 will no longer be there and to mitigate that, systems replicating engine sounds will most likely be installed. Everything about it just seems so fake.

Image: Net Car Show

Nissan already sells limited numbers of the GT-R locally and converting to electric won’t help the cause. Because South Africa isn’t fully prepared to cater for electric vehicles, this could mean the GT-R wouldn’t be sold here at all. Of course, plenty can happen in the forthcoming years but it is highly unlikely that any thought of a electric Godzilla will take place in the next 10 years.

This is the car that people around the world idolise so if you’re going to make it electric, it best be thought through to a tee.

On the flip side though, it will take a while before the world is given an all-electric GT-R. In the time that it remains a normal combustion engine, petrolheads have to savour the moment because one day in the future it will be no more.