Volkswagen is milking the compact crossover platform and with good reason

The hard and fast rule of life is that anything with a Volkswagen badge sells.

There’s no sugar-coating that fact because when you look at the models they have on offer and how much they sell every month, it speaks volumes. One segment in particular is the passenger car platform where the Polo and Polo Vivo reign supreme.

It’s a German thing

The Polo and Toyota Hilux are streets ahead of the rest but it is the former that snags the overall advantage. Both vehicles are on their own in their respective segments but the Polo’s platform has given rise to a whole host of new compact crossover models.

Image: Motorpress

Besides the bigger offerings like the Touareg and Tiguan, the T-Cross, T-Roc and a relative newcomer, the Nivus, represent the ammunition in the German brand’s crossover arsenal. Most of these models make use of Volkswagen’s Modular Transverse Toolkit, currently the brand’s most used technology platform.

A formula that works

Volkswagen has done its homework superbly in a segment that is currently thriving in South Africa. They know the Polo and Golf is a sure fire winner already and they’ve sprinkled some of the same magic elsewhere and to good effect.

Image: Net Car Show

From a pricing perspective they are not far off one another. You can pick up a brand new T-Cross for around R340 000, a new Polo retails for R260 000. Whether its a Polo, T-Cross or even a Tiguan, either way VW is accumulating a sale. The new Hyundai Venue is the T-Cross’ worthy rival because a base model can be had for as little as R279 900 – a much cheaper alternative.

Naamsa sales figures for the month of February showed the Venue sell 394 units while the T-Cross raked in 462. The Polo sold 5 077 in total for the month. The numbers show that cars don’t have to be cheaper for people to buy it. The tried and trusted will always have buyers coming back for more.

The Wolfsburg-based brand is currently running the show locally and that is in large part due to the success of the Polo. They’ve found a recipe that works and fine-tuning that recipe with a few more special ingredients i.e T-Cross and T-Roc, only further enhances its standing in the eyes of consumers.