A decrease in Easter road deaths

The Road Safety Partnership (RSP) has noted the decline in the Easter road crash and fatality statistics with optimism. There was a 2.1% drop in the total number of crashes and 9.6% decline in fatalities. This was in comparison to the 2019 statistics due to the reduced travel during Easter 2020 as a result of level five lockdown.

The authorities embarked on an intensified law enforcement campaign over Easter weekend which likely contributed to the decreased figures. The RSP notes: “During the 336 roadblocks over the weekend, more than 178 000 vehicles were stopped and checked. This resulted in the issuing of more than 32 000 traffic fines, over 800 discontinuations of vehicles and the impounding of more 780 vehicles.

“It is concerning to note that a large number of people were arrested for drinking and driving over the relatively short space of time and when the sale of alcohol was banned. As much as 438 motorists were arrested for driving under the influence. Additionally, 140 motorists were arrested for speeding and reckless driving.”

The RSP commends law enforcement for the role they played in reducing the number of crashes and consequently deaths on the road. “A no tolerance attitude toward dangerous driving will have a massive impact in reducing South Africa’s road fatality rates. We encourage law enforcement to continue forth with this attitude before the next long weekend and as we continue to create safer roads throughout the year.

“To every South African who played their part by obeying road regulation, not getting behind the wheel after drinking and employing other good driving habits, we express our gratitude as well. May we all continue to work together as a country to prevent unnecessary loss of life and strain on the economy that our high crash statistics have,” says the RSP.