From sticker bombs to air suspension – SA’s stance car culture has changed alot

The local car culture has always been following the trends of what those in Europe have been doing.

There are a number of stance-based crews like the Republic of the 92ers and CapeStance that have asserted their presence on the local scene.

Change of scenery

Back in the day a simple drop in suspension or fitting a bigger set of wheels was considered the best of the best. Now though, you have people forking out their hard-earned cash on things like air suspension and coilover kits that has given rise to the ‘stance nation’.

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Whereas older second-hand cars were first used as ‘guinea pigs’ to test these sort of modifications on, more and more people are doing so with much newer examples like BMW E92 M3’s and Nissan GTR’s.

Image: CapeStance

It’s just a fact that the lower the car, the cooler it looks. The only downside of fitting a coilover kit is having to sometimes remove all four wheels to lower the car evenly. With air suspension however, it can be done with the flick of a switch.

RIP stickerbomb

One trend that has (thankfully) rubbed off is the placement of ‘sticker bombs’. This involved placing random stickers over section on the car but buying individual stickers became a bit pricey and so it could be purchased as bulk in a roll. Everything from fenders, petrol caps and even entire car body’s were covered in the sticker decal.

If you take everything into consideration, going the stanced route is much cheaper than performance tuning. A set of beefier wheels and a drop in suspension is pretty much it – unless of course you’d like a different setup altogether.

For now, air suspension setups and a wider wheel seems to be the way to go but as like TikTok videos, its only a matter of time when something else becomes the next best thing.

A car can end up costing you a lot of money with tuning and modifications but when done properly, it can be the most rewarding feeling. If you’re interested in ‘bagging’ your pride and joy, CapeStance or Qbeams is the guys you should contact.