Paws for thought – driving with a pet makes people drive more carefully

Travelling with a pet dog in the car helps motorists to drive more cautiously and reduces stress behind the wheel.

Research conducted by SEAT UK reveals that a dog helps their owners to drive more safely, with over half (54%) of canine-owning motorists admitting that they drive more carefully with them in the car.

No distraction

Over two thirds (69%) of motorists aged 18-24 said they drive more carefully with their dog in the car.

Older drivers were least affected by their in-car canines, with 42% of over 55s saying that travelling with their dogs makes them drive in a more cautious manner.

Image: Newspress

As well as driving more cautiously, the presence of a dog in the car also appears to benefit mental health by reducing drivers’ stress levels. This could even help ease road rage for some motorists as over a third of drivers (35%) said that they feel calmer at the wheel if their dog is travelling in the car with them. 

Some motorists are still unaware of the laws around travelling with dogs in the car.

The safest companion

Over a third of dog-owning drivers were unsure whether there were any rules at all, and more than nine out of 10 didn’t know of a penalty and license point deduction. 

SEAT has a wide range of pet accessories that feature everything from dog harnesses, cargo separation grilles, and protective seat and luggage compartment covers.  

“Motorists still need to make sure they’re keeping their dogs safe while travelling too, and finding comfortable and secure in-car pet accessories to properly restrain pets is as important as using your own seat belt,” says Nigel Griggs, Head of Aftersales at SEAT UK.