This driver crashed into the same house, three times with two different cars

Nope there is no type or mistake in the headline, it is exactly what happened to a driver in California.

According to a Facebook post made by the California Highway Patrol, officers received a call in the early hours of the morning alerting them to the scene of a somewhat peculiar predicament in San Rafael, California.

What a predicament

The clearly intoxicated driver first drove his Yellow Ford Mustang into the fence, then in a bid to get away, crashed into the house after forgetting the car was still in a forward gear. Things don’t stop there.

Wanting to flee the scene, the driver took the car keys of the person’s house that was crashed into and attempted to hit the road. In the haste, instead of putting it in reverse, he again drove into the house right next to the Mustang.

The owner of the house was woken up by the noise and upon seeing what happened, attempted to remove the keys from his Toyota Rav4.

“The drunken driver began striking him repeatedly in the face causing major injuries,” the CHP says.

Officers arrived on the scene as the driver was still trying to get away and was arrested on the spot.