These vans are put through their paces in a drag race

Drag racing is generally done with cars that have blistering performance and can break the 0-100km/h barrier in less than 5 seconds.

This particular drag race conducted by Carwow is a bit different from the usual. There are no McLaren’s, Ferrari’s or Lamborghini’s on show here, instead in its place are heavy-duty transportation vans ready to duke it out in straight line.

A Van race

The likes of Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Ford and Volkswagen pit their people carriers against one another. The race is first done from stationary, rolling and third gear situations to even out the playing field somewhat.

This video is something different to the norm but it wouldn’t be wise to put your money on any model right off the bat.

Who do you think comes out tops? Watch the video and find out: