Take a look at this exclusive ‘wellness centre’ for cars

Wellness centre, cubicles with pressure jets, sauna and all sorts of treatments. This is the type of service typically found in the most exclusive spa resorts.

The only difference is that this one is for cars and is located at the SEAT factory in Martorell, Barcelona. Every car body undergoes a beauty ritual in the paint area for 6 hours to ensure the best colour outcome before taking to the road.

Take a look at these steps each car undergoes in this ‘exclusive spa’:

The workshop

The ritual begins in the immersion pools, a facility with 314 workers and 32 robots at the service of each car. Here they are immersion washed nine times, alternating with another five sprinkler rinses, and sealants are applied.

Image: The News Market

“This is how we protect the bodywork from corrosion and eliminate the risk of water infiltration and even noise, by using soundproofing sprays,” explains Javier Pérez, the head of Paints at SEAT.

Feeling the heat

All of the treatments applied to the cars, both in the immersion baths and in the other areas of this unique spa, are followed by drying and setting processes.

Image: The News Market

That’s why the ovens are key, and there are six throughout the entire painting phase. “Each stage requires a temperature of between 45 and 180 degrees, and lasts between 30 and 35 minutes,” Javier points out.

The colour ritual

The first thing is to choose a shade from a broad colour palette. Once this is done, a total of 587 workers and 175 robots get to work on beautifying the bodywork.

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“Colours are becoming more sophisticated and customisation is a definite trend,” says Jordi Font, of SEAT’s Colour and Trim department. The Arona, for example, has more than 68 possible combinations, and the new Leon has a hard time deciding between such exclusive shades as Magnetic Grey, Desire or Emotion Red, Nevada White, Mystery Blue or Midnight Black.

Paint therapy

Whereas in other spas the power of pressurised water jets is used as a therapy, here they are used to paint – two and a half kilograms per car. It is sprayed in booths that are rigorously equipped for this purpose, with a ventilation system that prevents even the tiniest speck of dust from entering, and at a temperature of between 21 and 25 degrees.

Image: The News Market

A total of 84 robots do all the spraying, applying a total of seven layers, each as thin as a hair but at the same time as hard as a rock.

The final treatment

This is the last of the treatments, the one that verifies that all the others delivered flawless results. Under a red light, the vehicle slides through a scanner where no fewer than 50 568 photos are taken in 43-seconds by 28 cameras that capture 42 images per second.

Image: The News Market

All to check the bodywork to within a millimetre and make sure there are no flaws or imperfections. After their visit to the wellness centre for cars, they are ready to go on the road and show off their true colours.